Our studio policies provide you with a comprehensive understanding to answer the "who, what, when, where, why, how, and because" questions you may have about policies, procedures, and guidelines.  A hard-copy of these policies is provided to each dancer at the time of registration.  

Within one week of receipt, the parent/guardian must return the signed/dated Studio Policy Acknowledgement Page of the hard-copy studio policies distributed which provides acknowledgement and authorization that the studio policies were received, read, and agreed to be followed throughout the entire season. We know that not everyone comes to us with a pre existing dance background and know that knowledge and understanding leads to a better overall experience for everyone. The acknowledgement sheet also includes the studio calendar understanding, photograph/video release, and zero-tolerance understanding.  If there are any updates to these studio policies throughout the dance season, dancers will be advised as quickly as possible and these written policies will be updated in written format and posted on the website accordingly.