There is a registration fee of $30 for one student, $50 for two students and $10 for each additional student in one family.


45 Minute 18 months to 36 months – Creative Movement Class $46/$460 (10 payments)

One Hour class meeting once weekly $52/$520 (10 payments)

One hour twenty minute class meeting once weekly $67/$670 (10 payments)

One hour thirty minute class meeting once weekly $72/$720 (10 payments)

Please note that there are multiple class, sibling, military and first responder (ie police officer/firefighter) and more discounts available. Just as each student is unique so is your account. You will be given a personal monthly total based on your qualifications for these discounts.


$25.00 deposit due before November 1st

Costumes are different prices and your costume balance will depend on your class. Once you have been placed into a class you will be given your costume balance total. Costume balances are due before February 15th. Tights/socks and accessories are included in this fee. You may also have this fee broken up into monthly installments to be added to your tuition.


This fee is $100.00 and may be paid in monthly installments ($10.00 per month), two payments ($50.00 by October 10th and $50.00 by January 10th) or in one payment due by January 10th. This fee includes your dancers recital tee shirt, DVD of the performance, one program book and unlimited tickets.